Blue and Grey Leather Pouch – VOYAGEUR DB

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The dark blue leather combined with the light grey shapes make this DOT VOYAGEUR pouch modern and stylish. The ultimate solution for travelers. The pouch is versatile and can be used as an everyday handbag as well as a bag-in-bag for travel

Detailed features

  • Materials: Blue and Grey Goat Leather, textile lining, grey stitching
  • Dimensions: 25*18*0.7cm (Length x Height x Width)  
  • Hardware: Silver YKK zip closure, Silver D-ring

    The cute, unisex bag is of excellent quality since it’s made with top quality, leather material whose durability is guaranteed over the years. Rest assured that once you buy this leather bag, you can keep it for many years without it depreciating. More so, this bag is weather proof, implying that it doesn’t depreciate after exposure to spills, water, rain and even the sun. 

    The fashionable, handmade, leather bag has been carefully crafted with a neat stitching that has enhanced its appearance.  Besides, a lot of attention has been paid to its overall finishing, thereby making the bag look like it belongs to a luxury brand. Of course, the MASTERPIECE is relatively affordable and you do not need to rob a bank to own it.