Our Story

DOT-Design started with a simple passion, idea, and belief. To carefully manufacture the most well-made leather accessories for all fashion and luxury lovers. We know that leather deserves to be part of every single wardrobe in the world. Leather is an noble material. Our choice of leather, attention to detailing, craftsmanship and belief in authenticity are what really sets us apart. At Dot Design, you can find a collection of artisan leather accessories that will not only help you have a luxurious wardrobe but also fulfill all your daily needs. We are always at the hunt of the most innovative designs  and crafting remarkable products only. Quality and precision are on the top of our priorities, every product is meticulously executed by hand for an exceptional result and outstanding style. Our intimate knowledge and experience of leatherwork ensure durability, sturdiness along with a unique design and style of our leather accessories. With us, you are set for a quality and stylish leather good. Our leather accessories are made to make a fashion statement.

Our Heritage

What started as a fashion tradition in 1970, now persists as a passion and motivation in the creator of Dot Design, Greg Bouskila. With a keen eye for traditional and world’s most exotic leather skins, Greg Bouskila takes great care in crafting every single piece of leather by hand. He carefully selects the most beautiful qualities of skins throughout the world. A truly enthused and inspired individual, he devotes his time and patience for the necessary execution of each leather accessory available at Dot Design. After all, an irreproachable approach to quality really matters. Be it women or men fashion, the taste of craftsmanship helps Greg create sober and refined lines with subtle details as well as avant-garde models. Dot Design redefines style, elegance, statement, quality, and unparalleled skills of artisans. Today, Dot Design is a team of proficient workmen, artistic individuals, and happy customers under the umbrella of Greg Bouskila. All passionate about top-notch premium leather accessories.  Greg also takes an intimate pleasure in creating series limited for specialized shops in the ultraluxe. Dot Design is not an inflated brand name. Instead, it is a statement in the global world of leather accessories.

Our Leather

Dot Design knows that to make a quality product, one needs quality materials. This is why regardless of what we craft, we ensure to use only top-notch leather, with beautiful color and luster. We use full-grain and premium leather for its fringe benefits. Faux leather doesn’t exist in our dictionary. The use of only high-quality leather ensures strength, durability, and robustness of our leather accessories. We also focus on the texture and feel of the leather. After all, your accessory should not only look exquisite but also feel the same. As a rule of thumb, we use efficient tanning techniques to prevent decomposition of leather and make it more stable. The finish of your leather accessory also matters. Moreover, the leather we use is meticulously colored by hand through multiple layers of pigmentation. From top to bottom of our processes, we maintain ethical conduct of highest level. The environment and nature from where our leather truly matters to Dot Design. The leather is at the heart of our collection. It’s polished meticulously and gives a luxurious twill to all our accessories. The finest texture, touch, look, and feel of the spectacular leather we use makes our personalized collection truly one of its kind.

Our Craftsmanship

The artistic integrity and sheer craftsmanship are what helps Dot Design to stand apart. A knowledge that brings to the collection a true authenticity, the proficiency and expertise of our craftsmen are woven into everything we do. Each scrap of leather is hand-crafted, cut, sewn, and processed with meticulous attention to details. Together with the fine quality of leather, the flawless approach to manufacturing authentic leather products allow our collection to stand the test of time. Everything at Dot Design starts with a scrap of full-grain, premium leather. It then undergoes careful process of cutting, designing, and stitching to execute fine products. The long-lasting leather accessories are then bought to display in our stores, all at relatively affordable prices. Each of our leather accessories truly speaks for itself. We further ensure to make them highly functional to fulfill all your everyday needs and preferences. This elegant legacy, timeless expertise, and unparalleled proficiency allow us to come up with new ideas and concepts to introduce for all our lovers of leather around the world. Our artists challenge already existing designs to continuously come up with better concepts for better representation of leather.