Keychains and keyrings come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. So it makes sense to get one that will let people know you are an individual with style. Dot-design designed for you multiple sets of beautiful key chains, allowing you to carry your belongings in a distinctive way. In our store, all keychains are a perfect example of sheer craftsmanship. All our  keychains are robust and yet lightweight with a marvelous design. Each one is unique and you'll be the only one in the world to wearing it.

  • Each keychain is made from high-quality metal and genuine leather
  • The sturdy and innovative design ensures the safety of your important keys
  • Unique look, distinct finish, and soft-touch makes our keychain a travel essential
  • These can be attached to any loop or strap perfectly, and even open your bottle of wine 

If you’re tired of carrying a bundle of keys separately whenever you go out, unable to rely on your current keychain or simply hate how your keychain looks, there’s nothing better to get than our handsomely tailored, crafted leather keychains. Made from robust metal and covered with real fine leather, our keychains are robust and yet lightweight with a marvelous design. Each one with a snap hook closure and strong hardware, for the complete safety of your important keys. Durability is important for any piece of accessory and our keychains are deemed to stay with you for years.

Put these keychains on the zippers of your bag and elevate the overall look of your carry. Undoubtedly, you deserve to carry even your keys in a fine look. Almost everyone carries a keychain now when leaving their homes. So why not get something that stands out from the crowd? Something that’s different and stylish, yet durable, so it stays for long? Overall, these handmade leather keychains are perfect for you. These can be attached to your backpack handle, bag strap, and even your belt loop. So get them today!


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