The Best Leather Card Holders for special occasion

The Best Leather Card Holders for special occasion

Feb 12 2020 0 Comments Best Leather Card Holders

Leather Card Holders have taken the world by a storm and they are the most fashionable way to carry your credit cards and bank notes. They are sleek, modern, timeless, and neat from top to bottom. Leather card holders are the best accessories to carry belongings in style. In fact, they are so sleek that they practically go unnoticed when you slide them in your pocket. It is a top-notch luxury item that you should not only buy for yourself but you can also get it for your loved ones. But there are a few things you should remember before getting one because you shouldn’t compromise on certain factors when buying luxury items. 

Important Points to Remember before buying a Leather Card Holder

A Leather Card Holder is not only a luxury item but it is a valued tool as well. Whether you go out for a meeting or just for lunch, a cardholder is the one thing you won’t prefer to forget from carrying. That’s how important card holders are. Therefore, before investing your money, time, and energy in buying one, you should consider: 

  • Style:
  • Do you need a card holder for going out on a date, travalling or for a high-end meeting? This is the first question you should ask yourself before buying a card holder. Maybe you want a gift for an anniversary and a leather card holder is your choice. At that moment, you should think of the personal style of your loved one and buy one accordingly. 


    Card holders come in all kinds of material. However, we absolutely prefer those that are stitched using fine and genuine leather only. In this way, you can be assured that what you are buying will not tear, rip or scratch. 

  • Size:
  • Yes, the size of your card holder also matters. For example, if you are going out for adventure, a hefty card holder might not be a very good choice. But if you are paying for the date, you would prefer something spacious to hold your cash and cards. 

  • Color:
  • Just like the material, you should pay attention to the color of your luxurious card holder. If you prefer something out-of-ordinary or cheeky, then a bright color should be your choice. On the other hand, some individuals like sophisticated and simple designs. For them, mute or dark colors, especially brown and black, are the best. 

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    The Types of Leather Card Holders you can get

    Once you are aware of the factors you need to be aware of, you should evaluate the types of leather card holders you can buy. Luckily, there are a variety of luxurious and top-notch card holders that can suit you. Whether you want them for yourself or your loved one for an anniversary, the best one depends on your intended use and personal taste. For your ease, we have short-listed some luxurious and fashionable card holders. Check them out: 

  • For Something Classic - Le Minimaliste Handmade Leather Card Holder
  • Lots of men prefer something simple, classic, and not too funky. For these reasons, your ultimate choice should be a modest card holder, like this one. Its simple appearance, topped with elegant and sophisticated design, can make the task of carrying money the most fabulous.  

  • For Something Extraordinary – Le Minimaliste 2 Skulls One Of A Kind Leather Card Holder
  • Want something that makes you different from the crowd? Then, this leather card holder is for you. It comes with two sturdy skulls sewn on the front that shows you are the boss. Crafted by  hand using superior Italian leather, it is timeless and sturdy that you won’t need another wallet for years. 

  • For Something Eye-catching - Le Minimaliste Embossed Croco One Of A Kind Leather Card Holder
  • This leather card holder is for all those who love to steal the spotlight wherever they go. The grained leather holder feels rich, as it is exquisitely made using hand-picked leather. It slides in the back pocket of a jeans without feeling bulky, an experience that everyone desires. 

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    Why should you trust Dot-design?

    At Dot-design, you can get the leather card holder you desire, for yourself or your loved one on anniversary or birthday. Here’s why the leather card holders at Dot-design are worthy of stashing in your wardrobe: 

  • Quality:
  • Genuine leather has an extremely vivid feel. It makes you feel exquisite and oozes the wow factor. This is why we employ only the best hand-picked leather in stitching our card holders, making them luxurious and stylish. 

  • Durability:
  • Another feature of our leather cardholders is how timeless and sturdy they are. Not only are they resistant to the harshness of the weather, but unlike conventional wallets, they can support you for years, without tearing apart. 

  • Compact:
  • Our luxurious holders are so sleek that they can carry all your cards and notes without bulkiness. You won't feel like you are carrying a burden, especially when you put it in the back pocket of your jeans. 

  • Look:
  • In our store, you can get a card holder just in the way you prefer. This is evident from the ones mentioned above, as we have one for everyone, whether you like a simple look or something trendy. 

    In the End

    Leather Card Holders are the best friends of the gentlemen who love to a dose of style and practicality in the items they carry. The minimalistic look, combined with one-of-a-kind fashion, of our luxurious collection is deemed to make your life easier. Not only can they perfectly conceal within your inside pocket, but they can carry your belongings in an undeniably cool way. So get a leather card holder today and make a fashion signature.

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