Dot Design and our premium quality leather

Dot Design and our premium quality leather

Jan 28 2020 0 Comments DOT-Design prenium quality leather

Leather is manufactured from animal skins. Authentic leather has the capacity to breathe and has the characteristic of absorbing humidity. Hence, it keeps a person warm when it is cold outside and cool when it is hot. At Dot Design we use only the finest and durable variety of leather skins. Our designers handpick and selectively choose from a range of exotic skins, snake skins, salmon skins, goat and cowhide. Exotic skins are used by fashion-forward individuals. Our finest exotic skins include pythons, crocodiles and alligator skins.  
Dot Design opts for sturdy, pliable leather. soft to the touch, you can be assured that your skin will glide over the leather. Snakeskin is the rage these days. Snakeskin products are center stage on the runways and in the world's fashion capitals. The elaborate skin patterns make them a coveted form of leather. Snakeskin is one of the most luxurious skin in the fashion industry. Salmon skin leather is the latest trend of the century. Not only is it durable and beautiful but it has a distinctive quality to it. Salmon skin is use by DOT Design for small products such as card holders. 

Dot Design also utilizes goatskin for their products. Our goatskin is supple, soft, lightweight and flexible. Cow leather n, on the other hand, is stiffer, thicker and stronger than goatskin and less prone to wear and tear. 

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Forever in men's fashion 

Leather is a versatile product forever in fashion. It is one product worth investing in, for its durability, for its timeless vibe, and its beneficial qualities. Always trendy, once a leather product ensures a fashionable look. Who can forget James Dean's iconic red leather jacket in Rebel Without a Cause? That right there is one reason why every man should opt for a leather item in their closet! That effortless sensual look it gives! Be it a jacket, a bag, a wallet, a card holder or a clutch, leather must adorn your wardrobe. It is a necessity, not a luxury. Leather has the capacity to transform in an instant any look that a man has thrown together in a rush. It transforms you into an edgy sleek man everybody will be dying to have a drink with. Leather is the stable bad boy, rock and roll Grease item. Momentarily it allows you to feel drumming on rock and roll, spicy and cool at the same time. Leather is the ultimate item that lets you precariously hang on the liminal edge of a paradox. At Dot Design we have a premium quality leather range of products from, cardholders, leather pouches, leather passport holders, and leather key chains. If you are looking for a birthday or anniversary gift there is nothing more outrageously swag defining than buying your loved one a leather gift. Men should invest in leather because just like a fine wine it ages elegantly. The soft and natural sheen on the material and its longevity have made leather a permanent fashion staple.  


Dot Design picks and chooses each leather hide and skin with great attention to detail. Every stitch on the leather is made with love. Our premium quality leather products are then for occasions where one wishes to explain their love for durable gifts. Additionally, leather transitions with ease from business, to relaxed casual styles, from street style to travel styling. Leather fits perfectly in every style from day to nightwear. It effortlessly transitions and this makes leather products priceless.  

Electric Blue Pouchwallet chain card holderEmbossed Black Pouch 

From Planning to Stitching your product  


After having meticulously searched and picked the best leather hide or skin that will fit the design we have in mind for your product, we proceed on to the planning step. In the planning step, we begin by structuring our paper prototype. We'll analyze the pattern a couple of times to gain the perfect dimensions we require. To obtain the size, shape, and pattern we have in mind, our paper prototype gives us the major ideas. it is also used to test out the structure of the product. 

Pattern Making  

Dot Design forms its patterns along with the prototyping of the product. Our aim is to refine and improve the product in each of its stages to aim for the perfect end result. We translate the final pattern onto the leather. The patterns are drawn to precision using scales and exact measurements. During this stage we identify where the holes will be punched, where the stitches will be done and whether or not overlaying will be required.  

Creating the perfect premium quality leather product  

State of the art planning is used to prepare the raw materials for the stitching and creation stage. Dot Design Products are handmade, exclusively stitched with immense care and delicacy for you. 

At Dot Design, we believe in creating leather products for men and women that will be sure to last you more than a lifetime. We believe in contributing to the making of time, of being threaded within history. Our products are timeless, to be given on to the next generation and the next. Gifts standing the test of time. These tokens of love, are emblems of natural beauty. The amount of time employed in creating a singular piece of perfection, the uncountable hours of craftsmanship justify the exclusive nature of our leather products. Handcrafted with love from the finest materials available in a range of glamorous and charming products just for you.

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