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Buying an ideal clutch can be a daunting process, there are so many clutches to choose from, how exactly can you make the right choice? Especially if you are buying one for your loved one, there’s no absolute chance of taking risks. But as complicated as it may sound, getting a luxurious clutch is fairly easy. All it takes is sheer attention to the detail and quality of what you are buying. The right clutch should stay with you for a long time, compliment your looks, and keep your belongings safe. It is a luxury item and it should speak of the luxury look everyone desires. In case you are buying a designer one, it should further have that ‘Wow’ factor that can steal away anyone’s attention.


What should you look for when buying a Clutch?

When buying an ideal clutch bag, you shouldn’t hesitate from asking yourself tough questions. You are paying a considerable amount for something and it should return the same value as your investment, be it in terms of esthetic, design and quality. Here’s what you should look for when buying the perfect clutch:

  • Material
  • Material is what adds value to any piece of accessory or clothing. Whether you are buying a clutch, designer handbag or pouch, you should focus on the material from which it is stitched. You should prefer genuine leather if you want to buy something that can beat the tests of time and stay in your wardrobe for long.

  • Stitching 
  • No matter how good the material is, if the clutch is poorly stitched, it can destruct the entire look of the bag. Good stitching represents the value a brand places in its accessories, as well as the level of its craftsmanship. Therefore, you should absolutely focus on the stitching of your clutch bag.

  • Colors
  • When it comes to colors, there are a plethora of options you can choose from. Your final choice of the color depends on the occasion or purpose for which you are buying the clutch. For example, if you want it for everyday use, you should switch to dark colors, like black or brown, for a more sophisticated look.

  • Detailing
  • Other than the colors, the detailing or the overall look of the handbag or pouch is also very important. Once again, the detailing depends upon the occasion for which you are buying the designer item. For instance, if you want a clutch for traveling, it will be better to choose one with a portable design for greater feasibility and ease.

    clutch embossed handcraft clutch

    The types of Clutches you can get

    Now you know how you can get a luxurious clutch. After this, you should evaluate your choices and see what you can get that may fit your preferences and choices. Once again, no matter what you buy, you shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the item you are buying. After all, the better the quality of your item, the more you will be satisfied with your decision.

  • Pochette Voyageur - Handmade Leather Pouch
  • Made from high-quality leather and lined with durable material, this pouch can function as a magnificent clutch. Significant attention has been paid to the overall stitching, finish, and structure of this leather pouch, making it perfect for versatile purposes. Whether you want to carry it to a meeting or when going out for lunch, this masterpiece can do it all.

  • Pochette Vacancier Criss Cross - Handmade Leather Small Pouch
  • This unisex bag guarantees high standing fashion codes. This bag can complement all the fashion looks anywhere, at any time. It is a perfect example of hand craftsmanship, with the detailing all over the pouch showing its excellence.

  • Pochette Vacancier Er - Handmade Leather Small Pouch
  • If you are willing to go a little funky, then this red colored masterpiece is the perfect luxury item you should add in your wardrobe today. Made from pure leather only, all by hand, this clutch comes with the guarantee of durability and excellence. 

  • Pochette Voyageur Db - Handmade Leather Pouch
  • All those who love something out-of-ordinary can also get a magnificent leather pouch or leather clutch, without any hassle or worry, like this one. Stitched using the finest of the material, it is an ideal piece of accessory that comes with a beautiful combination of dark blue and grey. 


    Why should you get Clutches from Dot-Design?

    Once you have decided what kind of clutch you want and what are the choices available, you should focus on the brand you can trust upon to finally buy the much-anticipated clutch. Now you cannot trust just any brand, can you? Instead, only the most reliable and trustworthy brands are the ones that pay attention to their products and services. In this regard, Dot-Design guarantees everything you want in a designer item. Want to know what we promise? Here is why you should get clutches from Dot-Design:

  • Durability
  • In making our clutches, handbags, and pouches, we employ only the best of the materials to ensure that, no matter what product you'll buy from us, it will not fall below the benchmarks of excellence. In this way, all our products are sturdy and durable, which are deemed to stay in your wardrobe for long.

  • Finest Quality
  • Our craftsmen design, stitch, and make all the products from hand, using only the top-notch leather picked by hand itself. All the way from Italy, our fine leather adds luxury to the item. We pay meticulous attention to every single clutch, making them perfect from top to bottom.

  • Versatility
  • In our store, you can find clutches for both men and women. Whether you want something simple and not too flashy or anything dazzling and sparkly, we have a variety of products available for all kinds of shoppers.

  • Satisfaction
  • Once you trust us as your luxury brand partner, we guarantee complete satisfaction. This means from the moment you place an order to the time you receive the product, we are always ready to support you.

    The Final Takeaway

    Convinced that you want a luxury leather clutch? Then, you should wait no more and head over to our store as soon as possible. No matter what occasion is coming, a clutch can solve all your style problems. It will give you just the right fashion outlook you want.

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