Changing the world with Leather, piece by piece

Changing the world with Leather, piece by piece

Sep 28 2019 0 Comments DOT-Design Leather Our Story Style


At Dot Design, fashion also involves reliability, ownership, and trust. We ensure that whatever we do is something to be highly proud of. Be it from the selection of leather skins to crafting the perfect leather accessory. And overall our expert brand takes great pride in each of the leather accessories displayed at our shelves. The respective rare and unique pieces are truly for people looking for extraordinary products. What started as a passion of a family has now spanned as a fashionistas brand, which does not compromise on trust and companionship with its customers. Dot Design is truly running on an illustrious legacy, with an ignited passion for top-quality and fine leather products. All our strategies, from processing to marketing, are geared towards value-conscious customers, who love great craftsmanship. For Dot Design, good leather leads to good products and good products lead to happy customers.


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